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'Exam Roulette' could quell essay-induced anxiety

Petzold developed an assessment called "Exam Roulette" that allows students to preview potential essay questions a week before sitting for an exam. Students are allowed to ask clarifying questions about the potential essay topics, but they can't receive specific information about the content in essay responses. On the day of the exam, a 12-sided dice is used to assign students the question they will need to answer. The additional preparation and novel approach may lead to a better experience and outcome for essay test takers. "Students report a greater motivation in studying, better retention of knowledge prior to and following the exam, and reduction in associated stress," Petzold said. Andrew Petzold, PhD, an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota Rochester Center for Learning Innovation, will present the poster "Roll for essay: A mechanism for increasing self-accountability within summative assessment" on Thursday, June 21, at the Madison Concourse Hotel. NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: The third Institute on Teaching and Learning will be held June 18-22 in Madison, Wis. To schedule an interview with the conference organizers or presenters, contact the >APS Communications Office or 301-634-7209. Find more research highlights in the APS Press Room . Physiology is the study of how molecules, cells, tissues and organs function in health and disease. Established in 1887, the American Physiological Society (APS) was the first U.S.

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"It is difficult (but) it's a good difficult because you have good options," Maddon said. "All the players are looking for is definition all the time and I can define it as best as I possibly can but there a lot of times guys still aren't going to be happy with that. They want their at bats. "It's not like you're bopping in and out veteran players who could use the rest," Maddon added. "(Zobrist) is the outlier with that. He's OK with the rest on occasion. The younger guys want to play so it is difficult and I try to balance it out. We have (11) guys with 100 plate appearances or more. That's good stuff. It speaks to depth and it speaks to what we're going to be able to do later on the season." While that depth comes in handy, it means Maddon has to put on his thinking cap when filling out each day's lineup. The decisions on who plays and where go far beyond righty-lefty matchups.

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